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What is Brand Equity?

 Brand Equity refers back to the total value of the trademark as a separate asset. It is the Value of resources and liabilities tying to the trademark call and symbol which results within the relationship clients have with the brand. 

Brand Equity is frequently reflected within the way clients see, feel, and act in the direction of the brand. The effect of this intangible providence is furthermore visible inside the financial books as the market share, prices, demand, and profitability.

 • Components of Brand Equity

  Brand Equity normally is dependent on trademark awareness, loyalty, perceived quality, sturdy trademark associations and other assets consisting of patents, trademarks, and waterworks relationships. It involves enjoyable the promise the merchantry has made to the clients and retaining the relationship well.

   Brand Awareness The first step of the probity towers process is towers the feeling of the brand. Trademark sensation approaches that the customers are enlightened of the trademark and may socialize it with the unique product/category.  Sensation triggers the rest of the components of the trademark probity towers manner. Brand Associations Just like with other people, we tend to socialize matters with brands too. 

    Trademark undertone is anything which the clients consider or relate to the brand. Interactions with the trademark requite upward push to the associations. These might be employees, shade, advertisements, voice, language, experience, etc. For example, we tend to socialize the color pink with McDonalds and happiness with coca-cola.

Advertisements, online & offline presence, and pre-sale, sale, and post-sale interactions requite rise to trademark institutions. Good trademark associations are critical to any merchantry as it not simplest ends in repetitive sales, but it furthermore allows the merchantry through phrase of mouth marketing. 

 • Perceived Quality

 One of the foremost conditions of towers robust trademark probity is the fulfilment of the trademark promise. Customers examine the trademark via evaluating its providing to the offerings of the competitors at the understructure of unrepealable qualitative and quantitative parameters.
    The product nice stuff a qualitative measure is a relative challenge and depends totally on the customer’s perception. Nevertheless, it impacts the pricing visualization and positioning strategy of the trademark which sooner impacts its equity. 

• Brand Experience 

Brand Experience is the volume of reports of the patron with the product offered and the trademark overall. It includes pre-sale, sale, and post-sale experiences with the trademark withal with the reviews with the product presented. Customers with properly trademark reports will certainly remember the trademark superior over others and will prefer it over different manufacturers. 

• Brand Preference 

Brand Preference is one of the important indicators of strong trademark probity inside the market. A preferred trademark can tuition increasingly for the same product. However, giving upward thrust to trademark preference isn’t as clean because it seems. The traveler wishes to make sure that the customers have proper institutions and stories with their brand. 

• Brand Loyalty

 A trademark dependable person repeatedly chooses one trademark over others offering the equal product. Loyal clients not best result in repetitive sales, however they furthermore are the weightier source for phrase of mouth marketing. 

• Importance of Brand Equity :

 Equity is critical for the trademark not best to growth its market share but moreover to growth its valuation within the marketplace. 


Brand probity is one of the most critical intangible sources of the visitor and similar to other assets, this too can be sold, certified or leased to others.

 •Price Premium

 A Brand having nice trademark probity can tuition more and more for its product than the very market rate.

Increases Market 

Share Positive trademark probity regularly results in more and more loyal clients who decide upon one particular trademark over others and in-turn will increase its share within the marketplace.

 •Easy Product Line Extensions

 It turns into less difficult to launch new product lines below the trademark which has wonderful trademark equity. For example, Apple, which started off with macs, became worldly-sensible to hands release and lend its trademark probity to iPhones.

 •Examples of Brand Equity

 Brand Equity is the fee widow to the identical product by means of offering it underneath a specific brand. It is what makes one product premiere over different when the two have precisely the equal capabilities and utility. Precisely, trademark probity is what makes a selected trademark advanced or junior to others. 

 Here are a few examples of trademark equity: 

• Apple

 Apple is one of the weightier examples to explain trademark equity. Plane although the product presented by way of this trademark have similar features to products of other brands, the demand, loyalty and the rate top class to better than another cellular brand. The Brand is counted amongst the top three most precious manufacturers because the past 7 years. 


 Even without months of the ban on its flagship noodles in India, the product saw a unconfined call for while it turned into relaunched in the marketplace. Maggi is one of the weightier examples to expose how a robust trademark probity can help a traveller cope up with anything in the marketplace. 

• Facebook 

Other social networking websites might also come and go however Facebook stays the simplest constant. Facebook has made its users so trademark dependable that most of them don’t plane squint up to any other social media platforms.

 • Positive and Negative Brand Equity

 A Brand will have either Positive or negative Brand Equity. While tremendous Brand Equity enables the traveller to maintain superiority over its competitors and enlarge its product lines, a poor trademark probity as inside the specimen of Volkswagen, which was held responsible for emission scandal, should plane harm the modern-day product lines under the trademark and have a long-lasting terrible effect at the trademark positioning.

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