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Home office overlooking window
Whether you're working from home or making a room for everything you enjoy, such as craftsmanship, reading or blogging, your home office is a location that will stimulate the flow of imagination and help you get down to business. 

Yet this is also not the case. In reality, the most overlooked places in our homes can be home offices — messy and unfriendly conditions for creativity, pushing us to work somewhere but in the actual workplace, including the sofa, or kitchen, or bed (guilty!).

To help you build and redesign your own inspirational room, we asked experts — from planners to bloggers (like Me) and editors — for tips on the best home office upgrades and fun home office ideas that will make you want to buckle down and get to work.


You should be influenced by your Room – and represent your distinctive personality. And don't be scared to go all out.

 "We decided to create a room that was the style of homeowner Desi Perkins who was trendy, practical and mirrored. The black accent wall added a bit of suspense and dimension to the room and we installed a chandelier above the desk to bring more glitz and glamour. The wood tiled sideboard holds the room tidy, acting as a storage area for beauty items and an office supplies countertop. 

The space 's versatility helps Desi to remain on top of her career's business side, whilst the trendy décor offers the right background for her videos and Instagram photos. "— 
Leura Fine, CEO and Founder of Laurel & Wolf.

Get the look: One way to glam up a home office is by refreshing your lighting. This eye-catching PENDENT LAMP with detailing from Amazon will give your space a luxurious, yet professional feel.


Breathe a life into your office, so stay longer.
 "I strive to maintain a functional, ergonomic, convenient and tidy home office that's balanced — if these things aren't in position I know I'll end up working at the kitchen table! It's said a lovely plant will help keep you calm and clean the air — plus it looks pretty too. I prefer either a ZZ or a Snake Seed. All look great, are perfect for air cleaning and are low-maintenance! "— Niki Brantmark, publisher and editor of My Scandinavian House

Get the look: We love this high adorable little clay plant — perfect home for a snake plant — to bring some depth to your work room.


Decorate with pictures which talk to you. And if you have figures crunched all day. "Fill your office with vivid art to make you feel inspired and energize your room. I create my own artwork and frame it with Simply Framed, or shop with Chair and Society6."—Dabito, Founder & Creative Director at Old Brand New.

Get the look: Dabito is pleased to share his DIY directions for his multifunctional wall shelf / desk. (Surprisingly fast to navigate, phew!) But if you don't want to waste your Saturday spray-painting and constructing shelves this Ikea wall unit is a similarly trendy choice that can be up and ready easily!


Ground your space in a colorful area rug — for visual interest and sound-absorption soothing. "Multi-colored rug also brings in other colors that nicely accentuate the peach and green. Yet with this paint combination, you should do a light gray rug too. Hold the furniture flat and tidy to keep it sleeker, then attach some green leaves to offer the space a certain look! "— Happy Cho, My Pleasure creation & artistic officer!

Get the look: World Market is perfect for beautiful, inexpensive textiles, and we love this multi-shaded patterned rug that goes with light blue, strawberry, apricot, or creamy white walls.


Consider it welcoming — but not so warm to be sleep is what you want to do. "Neutral colors on your walls and floors, combined with natural wood, plants and some type of fiber, such as sheets, pillows, rugs or a hanging yarn wall, create a basic but comfortable working space. "-Caitlin & Manda, co-founders of The Merrythought.

Get the look: Exactly what your home office wants is this cozy space-filled throw from West Elm. Make a DIY blanket ladder and hang a few wool ones above your desk to keep them comfortable in the winter; swap them out in the summer for lightweight cotton ones.


It's your space — crowd what you love with it. "Design a neutral wall against a gallery wall. Next, they can be mounted on the board, shifting the prints around until you reach the harmonious look you like. Using removable wall strips to keep the prints in place. It allows the flexibility to change the look of the panel. "— Geraldine Tan, Little Big Bell 's founder & Publisher

Get the look: We love Minted for their massive, inexpensive print range. We also provide a free service so that you can send to their stylists an image of your wall, and they will bring together for you a suggestion of pairing photos. Matting and frames are a way to make art prints look more expensive and styled, but can be a pricey investment. Don’t rule out Michaels—they do custom framing in store!


Don't worry about borrowing the decor from other rooms in the home. A combination of antique and contemporary helps a house look cozy and intimate and lived in, rather than looking like a showroom. "We matched a stunning vintage rug that the customer already had (hidden away somewhere in the house in a dim spot!) and a couple of fresh red chairs.

 The Painting on the walls is restricted to black and white pictures in order to prevent the noise in the room being too distracting. It's such a cool, lovely place to work in.-Melissa Mascara, Homepolish Creator

Get the look: Anything in the dinner table? Shop antique stores, flea markets and even Craigslist to find office bits, whether it’s an aged roll top desk or vintage lamp, and pair these with brand new items, like a pair of vibrant chairs for guests to use when you’re hosting a meeting from home.


Live tied to the great outdoors. "Natural light helps a place look bigger — which is also a bonus in a tiny area. I once used fogged window film for all the windows for my home office and I could still have the blinds open. This enables ample light to feed the plants in the room to keep them healthy as well as me! So when you're healthy, you 're much more efficient. "—Hayley Francis, Designer so Blogger at Neon Doves.

Get the look: When you have an office, like Hayley, that also serves as a dressing room / walk-in closet, add a non-adhesive frosted film to windows to enable sunshine to reach your space while preserving privacy.


Use shades that talk to you — not the fashionable ones. "I consider this Farrow & Ball Stone Blue color offering the right backdrop for a successful working day. Getting a touch of fun in the filing cabinets in a non-conventional turquoise rendered even the room's more utilitarian features appear attractive. "—Emily Murray, Owner & Editor at 
The Pink House.

Get the look: If you're painting one-color office walls, cabinets, and ceiling to make the room look bigger, or using a CB2 file cabinet like this for just a color flash, living in a bright setting will make you more motivated to work from your desk — and not the sofa.


The Organization Is Key — Use every trick in the book. Within a noisy home office no one is working properly. "Do not waste an ounce of space by tucking printers in corners and drawers, filing etc. 

Using all your vertical room, too, by installing cabinets up to the ceiling with various storage styles and a pin board hanging from the wall to help organise supplies that would otherwise end up stuffed in a pocket! "— Carly Callahan, home polish model and creator of Callahan Interiors.

Get the look: This is a non-negotiable home office design concept! Begin your freshly discovered interaction with this rose gold wall panel.


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