Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Here's All About Girls Share How They’re Treated Differently  on Makeup VS No Makeup situations

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 I Have A Beauty Blog,  And I'm Also A Beautician. But, I'm Not Against Makeup or Beauty!!

   I'm Against with, Why People Treat Beauty as V.V.I.P !! 

A Lot of people in this world love to wear makeup and treat it as an art form, while others don't like it and think that wearing makeup is tacky, or that it masks the real face of the individual. Ok, these girls at Quora have described their encounters and people's responses to them with and without makeup.

Most of the time, they suggest that they get more focus and feel more positive with makeup. Some, though, are more relaxed as all-natural. All of them believe that it's just about doing what makes you comfortable and dressing the way you want to.

What do you think about the makeup? Maybe you've got to tell some of your own storeys?


 Rachel Says,

 "Once people see me when I'm bare-faced, I'm treated as just another guy. Other ladies come to chat to me while I'm at the pub, I trade friendly smiles whilst meeting someone in the grocery store aisle, all but normal everyday situations with the average human being.

 I barely get comments on my looks or get struck. But when people get to know me when I'm dolled up, it's a night-and-day contrast. As some of my best friends have told me, I come off as "intimidating" and "sense."

 I had people tell me that when they got to meet me, they thought I was going to be trapped. I had boys telling me that other boys wouldn't date me to school because they're too nervous, because I'm "too nice."

Girls stormed out of my job with their boyfriends because of my looks. Random women were trying to strike up arguments with me because their spouse was staring at me. When I have a full face mask, I can walk right to the front of the VIP line at the night club and get in (also when I was 21.)

 I 'm reaching a lot more, also offering a lot of money in return for my "time," and that's never happened without cosmetics.

People are offering me more jobs and trying to hire me to do marketing. Rich men and athletes took me out on very luxurious dates, while I once did a personal experiment and met someone from the dating app bare-faced, and never got a callback. (Granted I wouldn't have responded, he was boring and arrogant, couldn't hold a conversation going past lifting.)

 I had to wear a full face of "performance makeup" every day for 8 months, and let me tell you, it's a little overwhelming.

I've just used cosmetics for the last 3 months and it's been fantastic. Makeup makes me stand out, and sometimes it's good to just blend in and reflect on the inside and not the outside. 

And not trying to sound snobby or pretentious, he just wanted to answer the question frankly and compare the treatment!


Dawn Says,

  "I get treated very differently, and it pisses me off. Before I vent, let me say, the top picture I took two weeks ago and sent to my boyfriend just because it's incredibly rare for me to get 'dressed up.' 

The second picture is my usual day-to-day look. It's not that I don't like to get dressed, I just completely hate how odd I'm being treated.

I work at home because I don't see a lot of people, because going to crowded areas makes me uncomfortable. Being invisible suits me down to the bone. On occasional times, I get dressed up to go out to see a friend or something. 

Publicity embarrasses me. I'm not on FB, Instagram , Twitter, all of that things, just Quora: I'm not looking for attention, I don't like it. I'm not suggesting it's the only reason people use that material.

 I write my books with pen and paper and still keep real photo albums. I guess I'm old fashioned.

My world is a small one, and that's how I love it. Attention is uncomfortable all of a sudden, especially when there is unwanted eye-based attention.

 It makes me want to run back to what I call my Darkened Room and it's frustrating as hell that I can't make myself look and feel pretty — just because it's nice to sometimes — without suddenly being a target for this kind of thing and it's all so artificial.

I was in Curry last week, and there was a girl in there who had, even a hasty observer, dolled herself in every possible fake way. This isn't a hit, it's just a fact. False eyelashes, full make-up, bleached teeth, etc.

 There were three guys working there who were so glaringly looking at her, gawping, and laughing about her (they reminded me of the guys in The 40-Year-Old Virgin) and I was standing a few paces apart.

I 'd actually just moved home (I think we'd had the keys for a couple of hours) so I was in the dungarees, staring at the mess of getting the furniture around. 

I just noticed that, as I stood there, a) they either didn't know or cared that this wasn't even what that lady looked like, b) they felt it was all right to overpower her, even at work c) if I was dressing up, they would have done the same thing to me.

 And there's focus to the look. It's not true.

Then we were both chefs in the kitchen, I met my boyfriend. If you've ever served in the kitchen, you'll know it's pretty much the grossest place you can find. Sweaty, mucky, heavy, nice.

 Chefs' whites designed to match the outline of Spongebob Squarepants. The idea that my boyfriend and I met and fell in love in such a spot filled me with confidence, because if anyone can fancy your pants when you look at your worst, it's a really good thing.

I believe it's human nature. People are drawn to a attractive face. It only makes me sigh to see that a woman's options tend to be unseen, or that she's being read. To be missed or struck. 

I was a client of Curry's, and those guys didn't even notice me. Unfortunately, it's just how the universe functions. I am so fortunate to have my boyfriend and my Darkened Home.


Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Shannon Says, 

 "I Barely leave the house without at least eyebrows and mascara, so my reaction will be based on that. 

When I wear full / club makeup, complete with dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick, I find that people are very, very polite to me. Men come closer to me — even with my husband at my side. 

Women are usually very polite as well: they complement my makeup and are friendly.

I always feel like I'm looking at or observing. I'm more quickly welcomed into groups of friends and made to feel comfortable. 

When I wear full makeup, the congratulations are endless; it's almost because I couldn't say something wrong. 

I promise you, I'm an uncomfortable person, and I will say uncomfortable things-people step in and stop the discussion when it occurs.

When I wear my regular makeup, which consists of a lighter eyeshadow and no eyeliner and a lipstick, people are always very sweet to me. 

I don't get approached as much — especially if I'm out at night — but I still get praise and looks; nothing compared to my full / club makeup. 

Honestly , I think women are giving me more consideration as I wear my makeup every day.

Finally, when I'm wearing my version of "no makeup" that just fills my brows to make them visible, and a brush of mascara, I feel like an ordinary human. I'm confronted a lot less, and I'm having next to no stares. 

It sounds like a bad thing, but it's so peaceful for an introvert like me not to have to respond to a random conversation. I do get a lot of praises, but they're more about my attitude than anything else.

 Of definition, this is just my interpretation. I feel like I look the best when I have makeup, but I'm always at peace with myself.

Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Giang Says, 

"When I'm really polished, so much so that people don't think me a 16-year-old girl because I'm wearing open clothing, guys will come and ask for my phone number, which means they see a woman in me. 

I can even buy alcohol at a shop or bar and not display documentation at the same time. Even when I'm not wearing makeup, or when I have makeup every day (eyebrow pencil, mascara, gloss, and lipstick), nobody sees me. 

Perhaps people think, 'God, who is this child?'"


Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Hannah Says, 

  "I am naturally blonde and have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. The most profound answer I usually get is 'Woah, where'd your eyelashes go?' 

If anyone out there reading this has blonde eyelashes, you're all aware of the fight. They're almost invisible! 

If I don't have a mask, I'm usually asked if I'm feeling okay, if I'm sick, or tired. If I wear a mask, people usually think I'm not wea.

You have to be fricking with me if you think my eyelashes are simply 'very dark' (as the mascara hue I use is supposed to be). 

But, if I genuinely wear any eye-shadow or lipstick, I'm usually greeted with 'what's the special occasion?'


Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Akshara Says, 

"I 'm going to be really truthful. When I have makeup on my dad, remind them to turn it back because I'm a major makeup fan. 

And when I don't have makeup on my buddies, remind me whether I'm sick or tall. It's still a see-saw for me, just a mild issue.

Here's me with mascara and eyebrows and all on my face. It's a day-to-day look with a soft eye shadow and a slight smile on my face. I'm without any mascara in a selfie with my dad. 

And I don't look so terrible because I was in a place with a great environment so made my skin look new.

So it doesn't matter if you put on makeup or not, what matters is if you're comfortable in both of them or one. If you love to put on makeup every day and that makes you happy — do it. 

If you find makeup is too much for you and you love to be bare-faced — do it. Don't bother to follow what others do with themselves.

The Whole point is to not value your looks and more on your achievement and personality. With makeup, the only thing some people notice is your looks and that is sad."


Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Emily Says, 

 "When I wear makeup, men harass me all the time, I get endless comments in my mailbox when I upload a good picture and unexpectedly get approached on the street. Weird men want to make romantic advances, even in work settings.

 I've had men with partners and fiances want to talk to me. People can be terribly snarky and even ignore you as friends.

Once upon a time, I was insulted by a jealous roommate who would stroll past my room at night when I was asleep and call me a curse word. I stood up to her, and she literally struck me in the face.

Without makeup, I'm recognised as an ordinary. I fit in with society and don't really get as much bad attention. Females are friendlier, and they seem to me to be friends, preferring to hang out. 

Males consider me as a friend, not a strange sex tool. I find it worth wearing makeup and not wearing makeup.


Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Amanda Says, 

"Well, I hardly ever wear makeup. When I do it, it's either because I love doing it as an art, or on a very rare occasion when I have/want to look nice to some event. 

That's why I don't really get that 'you look exhausted' comment when I don't wear it, but I do get a lot more compliments or stares when I am.

 It's just recently because I've barely just started getting good at my makeup.

While I'm not wearing makeup, I only go unnoticed. I fit in like everybody else. Frankly, it's not that much different while I wear it though, most of the praise I'll receive come from other girls who enjoy makeup that. 

The only different reaction I receive is on social media. Uploading a photo like makeup would attract far more exposure than one without.


Makeup VS No Makeup– Here's How They're Treated?

Holly Says, 

  "I'm completely treated differently.

 I look really different with makeup than I do without it. Part of that is that actually, I don't have a lot of eyebrows (they're really small and light) and I also generally have bobos on my face that always stick out.

 I also act better with makeup on, but that's certainly half of it. I guess I may be more assertive (I'm probably coming across as a mo.

Without makeup, I find I'm more polite, I'm not as wary of men walking by me, and I can be polite without thinking that anyone can misinterpret it. 

Also, I'm very ordinary looking without makeup because I enjoy not wearing makeup on days when I feel introverted. People sort of ignore me because I don't have to wonder if I don't feel like talking to anyone.

Without makeup, people often ask if I'm tired or sick, but I think it's just because I look so different with makeup, and they're not used to seeing me that way.

 Actually, I was running out this summer with no makeup on it, all sweaty, and someone barked at me so I feel harassing might just have something to do with the city I live in! 

In general, though, without makeup, people don't even recognise me at all, I'm just the normal Jane.

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